Indiana NORML has always been present when it comes to endorsing pro Cannabis political candidates. The year 2022 will not be an exeption. The criteria to be able to gain our endorsement will be detailed on the application itself. We as a Board will determine who gains our endorsement. The process will be carried out in a fair and professional manner and we will let you know within one week if your application has been approved..

From this year and onward the application process will be online. We have created an online form for you to fill in and submit to us as soon as possible. The link to the form can be accessed on the button below.

Endorsed Candidates for The 2022 Midterm Elections

Thomas McDermott (D)

United States Senate
Indiana Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Thomas McDermott Earns Indiana NORML Endorsement.

Ryan Mears (D)

Marion County Prosecutor
Indiana NORML Endorses Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears for another term!

Darin Kinser (L)

Lawrence County Sheriff
Indiana NORML endorses Darin Kinser for Lawrence County Sheriff.

J.D Ford (D)

Indiana State Senate
Indiana NORML Proudly Endorses J.D. Ford for Reelection to Indiana Senate District #29

Evan Shearin (R)

Indiana State Senate District 46
Indiana NORML Proudly Evan Shearin for The Indiana State Senate District 46

Tommy Brown III (L)

County Comissioner District 2
Indiana NORML Proudly Tommy Brown III for County Comissioner District 2

Jeannine Lee Lake (D)

Indiana 5th Congressional District
Indiana NORML Proudly Endorses Jeannine Lee Lake to The Indiana 5th Congressional District.

Greg Woods (D)

Indiana House of Representatives District 41.
Indiana NORML Proudly Endorses Greg Woods for The Indiana House of Representatives for District 41.